Sunday, October 31, 2010


We will still be friends forever................


We will still be friends forever................

Thursday, October 7, 2010

my silly wish

never mind...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

first week

hello friends. it's been a week since i wrote the last post. hhh so many things happened. one of them is the beginning of my new live as a college student. congrats me guys -__- i start to make a new relations with my new people here. i met new friends, new lecturers, and some good looking seniors haha kidding.

actually, it's a busy, tiring and the most desperate week of my life. okay it's too much. but seriously, i am so tireeeeed. since i dont have any transportation to catch the class, i am doing "becak-ing" together with my room mate, imaniar :D but, the problem comes when the class is end. we have to walk so faaar to arrive at our kost-an. fortunatelly, i met dora. a girl from jakarta too. we are from the same department, urban and regional planning. she rides a motorcycle. so, she often pick and take me up at my kost-an. thank you doraaaaaa :D

it's the first week. and i dont have any assignment. not from my lecturers or my seniors. i must thanked Allah swt because some of my friends from others department got it. hahahahaha

imaniar, doing her product design assigment

imes pramesti, busy with her achitecture problems :D

imes's tools

dea's calculus book from civil engineering

the did it at my kost-an, so i can imagine how frustrated they are. hihihi. keep your spirit girls. god bless you. hahahaha.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the clock is not MOVING

hello. it's my first day in surabaya after took a 10 days off and went back home to jakarta. i don't know why, but i feel time is running so slowly here. and now i am all alone. not all alone actually. my room mate, imaniar had fall asleep from 9 pm. i mean, i am the only person who still awake in this room. i just hear the tick and the tock voices from my clocks. fyi: we have 3 clocks here (y)

hhhh, i feel so lonely. i miss my home. already :(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i love you as my best friend

i'll be your diary, when you have stories
i'll be your food, when you're hungry
i'll be your water, when you're thirsty
i'll be your street, when you walk
i'll be your car, when you need to drive
i'll be your mirror when your face is ruin
i'll be your compass, when you're lost
i'll be your whatever

because, i love you
as my best friend

goodbye lover, it's an honor to be your friend, forever :D

Monday, August 16, 2010

what's wrong with my leg?

when i was playing "tap jongkok" at my kindergarten eleven years ago, i fell. it has made an ugly scar on my knee. and it is still there now.

i stumbled my mukena when i took religion practice exam in the 6th grade. i lied down on the floor so i can see the ceiling straight to my eyes. i can't move my leg, my hand, and my waist. my head hit the floor. and it was REALLY painful.

i have fallen from my friend's rooftop when i was on the 9th grade. it was the most idiot thing that could happen to me. i ran here and there and....booomb, i fell. it made a hole not only on the roof but also on my knee. so much blood came over my knee and it became distended.if you touch my left knee now, you can feel that there is something wrong with mine. the shin is bigger than the right one. if there wasn't any wood or something like that maybe you can't read this embrassing post and just sitting over my headstone and wondering why i passed this way.

it was about two years ago, when me and my friends took an athletic test. it was 100 meters sprint. my left leg slipped with the right. and guess what? i fell in front of couple of eyes. became center of attetion through this way is very uncool.

the latest fall of mine happened few days ago when i crossed the drainage at my "kosan". the brigde just made by a piece of unsecure wood. i can pass the bridge, but then i slipped. yeah you can't imagine how terrible it is.

and, i think the consequense from all of those accidents is

my KNEECAP's move from the place.
you have no idea how painful it is.
the only way to cure it just with the tradional massage. and i